The MacGuffin Podcast

In this movie review podcast Cassidy Robinson and Keith Foster discuss the latest and greatest movie news and trends, review one newly released movie, and assign each other streaming homework to review. Click below to listen and subscribe!

MacGuffin Podcast



Below are podcasts episodes I’ve gotten to join as a guest

The Super Friends Podcast with Keith James

The Art Of Bombing: Episode #37

We Speak English Good: Episode 116

Almost Educational: Episode 151 “Twilight Zone Draft.”

Almost Educational

The Adamant Podcast: Episode 100 “She’s Gotta Review It.”

Adamant Podcast 100

The Listening Party: Episode 220 “At the Movies.”


TiSD Podcast: Ep. 41 “Meet the Tonight in San Diego Writers!”


Comics Talk Comedy with Jeff Bilodeau & Jesse Egan: 3/26/16jeff.jpg