JABBER & THE DRONE: The movie review podcast that politely disagrees to agree:

I co-host this podcast with my friend and movie critic Cassidy Robinson. We discuss and review newly released movies, as well as assigning each other a #NetflixHomework movie review.

Jabber & The Drone Movie Review Podcast

Jabber and the Drone


Below are podcasts episodes I’ve gotten to join as a guest

The Super Friends Podcast with Keith James

The Art Of Bombing: Episode #37

We Speak English Good: Episode 116

Almost Educational: Episode 151 “Twilight Zone Draft.”

Almost Educational

The Adamant Podcast: Episode 100 “She’s Gotta Review It.”

Adamant Podcast 100

The Listening Party: Episode 220 “At the Movies.”


TiSD Podcast: Ep. 41 “Meet the Tonight in San Diego Writers!”


Comics Talk Comedy with Jeff Bilodeau & Jesse Egan: 3/26/16jeff.jpg

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